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tv   CBS 5 Eyewitness News at 11  CBS  January 17, 2013 1:35am-2:10am PST

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tonight he says, he's the real victim.. because it was all a hoax! good evening, i'm elizabeth cook. i'm ken bastida. monti te'o claimed he met his girlfriend after a game at stanford. but it turns out, not only was she never a student there... she didn't even exist! cbs reporter juan fernandez says: it makes you wonder how a good-looking football star.. could fall for a fake girlfriend. teo has graduated, and was set to begin preparing for the n-f-l combine and draft in florida a star athlete with a girlfriend who died of leukemia, tonight he says he is the real victim because it was all a hoax. good evening i am elizabeth cook. >> he claimed he met his [
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audio difficulty ] the news brought to life by the website dead >> we called all of the mortuaries and funeral homes in carson california, where several sources reported she was buried. they had no information on it. this told us there was something really weird going on. >> reporter: the story doesn't stop there. the woman believed to be his girlfriend seen in online pictures is really a young woman from torrents with no connection to the football star at all. >> we found the actual alive, doesn't have leukemia and has never met te'o, that opened things up. >> reporter: his story heart breaking to notre dame's athletic director who spoke tonight. >> there is a lot of tragedy here. there is a lot of sorrow here, but the thing i am most sad of,
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sad about, is -- sorry. >> reporter: so who was 22-year- old lanae she was all made up, a story dead spin says was concocted by his long time friend. te'o released this statement saying to realize i was the victim of what was apparently someone's sick joke and constant lies was and is painful is humiliating. >> te'o has graduated and was set to be preparing for the nfl combine and draft in florida this week. a woman returned to work after christmas and discovered someone stole her computer. how she got it back makes it quite the story. linda eye on what it took to catch a thief. >> reporter: after bashing through the window it wasn't the art work the thief was after. >> raced in, grabbed the
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computer raced out. things were a mess. >> reporter: a computer that stored important information gathered over years. art consultant melissa was desperate she hoped to get back the data remotely, launching a program allowing her access to the computer wherever it was but it had to be online. >> i checked it every couple hours. >> reporter: midnight two days
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later, she found it. here is how it looked from home. >> i could tell this was my computer. >> reporter: you knew this was yours from work because of these programs. >> mm-hmm. >> reporter: she felt exhilarated and scared. >> it was a window into a world i was afraid to be in. >> reporter: she turned on the camera. >> i knew if someone was sitting there she could see them. >> reporter: she could see this she was confused. >> the user panicked she captured several photos the family is disguised because they were victims too. they paid $800 for the computer at oakland's lady college flea market. a recent cbs 5 investigation,
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showed how things end up here for sale. >> do you know what the felony to sell stolen merchandise? >> reporter: she e-mailed the pictures to the user and demanded she return the computer it worked. >> she said she spent the morning crying because she was so upset. >> reporter: the family is out the $800 they paid for that stolen computer gallery owner here offered to pay half saying all of them are victims but the family said no thank you we learned a tough lesson if it sounded too good to be true it was. police say they just don't have the resources to monitor what goes on at these flee markets. in san francisco, linda yee. a mom held on to her 2-year- old daughter for dear life to stop a kidnap fresh running off with her.
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tonight that man is still on the loose. a look at this guy kiet. >> reporter: he looked just like how you would think someone would look, suspicious the mom tells police, that the way he was acting around her young children made her immediately uncomfortable. >> take a good look at one of the boldest and most brazen would be kidnappers san jose has seen in a long time. he had a scruffy beard and smelled like motor oil and has
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many in the neighbourhood scared. >> putting his own life on the line. i don't know what my response would be but i don't know if i would be kind to that person. >> reporter: sun down last night the man saw a little girl playing in the front yard of his home he knelt down and commented on how the 2-year- old's eyes and hair were beautiful and grabbed herbie the ankle the girl fell over her mom grabbed her and there they were struggling over the toddler like a rag doll. >> in the process her shoepants fell off. >> reporter: her baby sister and mom broke free and ran into the house they are okay but the attacker took off running down the street. >> that is my baby sister i love her to death i would be devastated if something were to happen to her i am happy
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nothing did. >> reporter: a neighbor said his kids play in the same yard and the incident has shaken the neighbourhood. >> god help me i am going to be honest i have no idea what i would do. it would take a lot for me to show restraint in that case. >> reporter: police say the suspect is hispanic, late 20s to early 30s. 5'6", medium build if you have information san jose police want you to give them a call. at this hour we are still waiting to learn anything about the 7 americans taken to hostage deep in the desert of algeria. they are among 20 or so on a bus at a natural gas complex, near the libyan border when gun men attacked. >> by all indications, we strongly condemn these kinds of terrorist actings. it is a serious matter when americans are taken hostage. >> the gun men say they are part of an al qaeda affiliate. they are trying to punish algeria for france's help. a san mateo man turned his house into an illegal gun store. they raided the home on friday. this is what they say they found inside a high capacity assault rifling three pistolhundreds of rounds of ammo. president obama says he won't back down from a fight on his gun control agenda he is calling on congress to ban military style assault rifles and expand background checks to cover every gun purchased he wants to limit magazines and impose stiffer penalties for gun trafficking. >> i am calling on congress to pass specific proposals right away. if there is even one life that
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can be saved we have an obligation to try. the president signed 23 executive orders aimed at combating gun violence but key proposals will require congressional approval which won't be easy to get. >> anybody who dies from any reason, at the hands of a criminal or anybody who is insane or an accident, it is a tragedy. no one is saying it isn't. but banning these firearms is not going to accomplish much. >> nra described its opposition to the president's plan as quote the fight of the century but the gun lobby says it is open to the idea of expanding background checks. in an exclusive cbs 5 survey poll, more than two thirds of the people in the bay area say they support a ban. you think your area code is safe? people in the bay area who may be forced to give theirs up whether they like it or not. >> all dream liners grounded because of a problem, we are used to seeing in laptops. how a woman wound up stuck between two buildings, and what it took to get her out.
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>> hello liz. well, this phone is a 415 and 92% of those prefixes have been used up this could be a 628.
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this san francisco store turned 415 into a brand is blaze but the area code for some parts is expected to run out of numbers by october 2015. >> i don't think the 415 will fully go away. everybody will still want that piece of 415. >> reporter: they held their first meetings to ask the public what it thinks of the new area code. it has two options it can split the region so one part keeps 415 and the rest, even current 415 phones would change to 628. no one knows where the split would happen or go to an overlay and add it in the 415 region. even local calls in area codes would require you to dial 1 plus the 10 digit number. long time san franciscans want to keep 415 and would prefer to hang up on the idea of hanging up on their number or dialing more. >> no one wants to dial more numbers they want it the same. if you make a mistake and have to dial the first number and then the next and so forth then you have so many numbers you have to dial it is confusing. >> reporter: santa clara county has already gone through its 669 overlay in the 408 region. california puc said it won't make a final decision on the area codes until later on this year. meantime you have a chance to tell them what you think. there are two meetings at san raphael city chambers tomorrow at 2 and 7:00 p.m. live in the 415. >> a lot of people are opposed to change but at least we have
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our cell phones to remember the numbers. supposed to be the plane of the future. right now all of boeings 787 dream liners are grounded in the u.s. until further notice
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after a string of problems. we have been talking about this. the faa says they cannot fly until boeing proves the lithium batteries won't start a fire. cheryl atkinson says it is the same sort of issue, we have seen in cell phonelaptops. >> reporter: 45 minutes after take off on a domestic flight in western japan a flight attendant on this all nippon airways announced there would be an emergency landing. burns around the main battery. the second fire in two weeks thanks to the special lithium ion battery system. last week a fire broke out aboard a 787 after it landed in boston. that jet's auxiliary power unit battery showed severe battery damage. the dream line certificate the first jet to use these batteries. faa ordered special precautions because of the tendency to over heat. >> those lithium based batteries are used in ipads, plug in cars in the past, millions of lap 207s have been recalled because of batteries over heating. one of the most unusual rescues we have ever seen. a woman went out for a cigarette and became wedged between two buildings. it happened in portland the woman fell and got trapped in a space that was only 10 inches wide. firefighters used concrete saws to cut a hole in a cinder block to get her out. >> we used basically soapy water to kind of lube up the sides of the walls and then between us and her, she was getting out. >> wow, rescuers used high
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powered air bags to spread the walls and a propane heater, with a long hose to keep her
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warm during the 4 hour rescue effort. witnesses say she was on
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the roof of a building possibly smoking when she fell. surf's up for the first time in three years. >> mavericks is back. storm off japan generating swells as high as 30 feet near half moon bay. 24 of the most skilled surfers from around the world have been invited to participate. event starts 8:00 a.m. sunday morning, wraps up at sunset. conditions should be perfect to ride those around noon. >> has to be warm. >> high surf advisory in effect. surfers love the high surf advisory. temperatures trending up. as we head toward the weekend 60s not so bad but the nights will be chilly and today is no exception. concord, santa rosa, 34, liver more 36, san francisco warm spot at 39 and san jose, 31 degrees. dew points humidity levels are going up, but what we are going to see, is temperatures still falling down near
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♪ conquer dinner. one cut of meat at a time. the everyday collection. by target. wire.. st. mary's was trying to hand byu their first conference loss to have year. bennett's scales were down to start the game game high 22,
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tied with seconds to go bui had the basketball. pgh >> at bihyu, 14 and 4, 69 the final. lebron james came into the golden state, 18 points from becoming the youngest player ever to get 20,000 points. th pgh >> seth curry sat out he has a right ankle injury. boy they felt it. drains the floater, 20,001 career points, youngest in the
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history to have game to get to that level. chris bob had it. never close 92-75 ouch. 49ers back at practice for the first time since they beat the pangers. national media descending on team headquarters, jim harbaugh decorated the longer room with players pictures from high school days. pgh >> black and white pictures in 1980? top five for wednesday night at number five, made the hard shot, maryland, misses the easy one. it got better because at number four nc state with a 1 point lead, 5 seconds left. tips it in, maryland beats nc state. number three, serena williams, lost only three games. 128-mile an hour serve. kevin durant going nasty,
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stare down after they beat the nuggets
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our next newscast is tomorro ing at 4-30. david letterman is


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